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Site Design

Since every web site is different, WebArtz will quote you a cost for the job during initial consultation. Our charges are based upon estimated time billed at $50 per hour for commercial clients (substantial discounts are available to non profit organizations). We guarantee not to charge more than the initial estimate unless the requirements for the job are changed materially after the estimate has been discussed and agreed upon by the customer. If the requirements do change, a new estimate will be prepared to cover additional work before such work is done.

Unlike some other design houses, we do not vary our hourly rate depending upon the kind of work being performed (graphics preparation, HTML layout, CGI programming, etc.).

The amount you will be billed is the lower of the time worked or initial estimate.

Update and Maintenance

Site update work is charged at the same rate as site design and an indication of cost will be provided prior to any update work being carried out. We can provide information on the maximum likely charge for any particular update operation on a given site if this is required and will quote flat rates for monthly or weekly updates if desired. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you would like to talk to us about how WebArtz can help you, please contact us:

Telephone and Fax: +1 512 394 1519
Email: info@webartz.com
Mail: WebArtz Design Services,
14000 Robin's Run,
Austin, TX 78737

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