Client's written or email acceptance of a WebArtz site design estimate indicates their acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

Design Process

WebArtz will produce a web site to the client's specification using an interactive process. Site demonstrations will be developed and then discussed with the client via telephone and/or email. Changes will be made to reflect the outcome of these discussions resulting in one or more new demonstration layouts and the process will continue until the client is satisfied with the basic design.

This process relies heavily on client participation and the client agrees to reply to communication from WebArtz in a timely manner.

If the client is able to provide feedback on demonstration graphics and layouts within 48 hours and supplies all required text and images in advance, WebArtz will attempt to complete the site within 4 weeks of receiving the client's estimate acceptance unless the estimate indicated that a longer period would be required.

Raw Copy and Images

The client agrees to supply all necessary text and raw images for the site pages to WebArtz along with their acceptance of the design estimate. Text and images may be transmitted via email attachments or as hard-copy through the postal service. Failure to provide raw copy for the site at this stage will delay site completion.

Site Hosting Fees

Clients choosing to host their site on WebArtz using one of the advertised hosting packages will be responsible for hosting fees from the beginning of the next calendar month following the day that the account is set up regardless of when the site design is completed. Generally, a hosting account will be set up as soon as the design process is started.

WebArtz site hosting clients also agree to the terms and conditions linked here.

Clients choosing to host their site on a server not controlled by WebArtz must provide WebArtz with the FTP username and password required to access the appropriate hosting account.


Clients are responsible for obtaining any required copyright release or permission for images and/or text provided to WebArtz for inclusion in their site. In cases where it appears that copyright on material may not be held by the client, WebArtz will require the client to provide documentary evidence that copyright permission has been received.

Copyright on graphics developed for use on the site transfers to the client and the client grants WebArtz the right to reproduce versions of any of those graphics for publicity purposes. Construction files (in Adobe Photoshop or various other formats) used in the development of the site may be purchased from WebArtz for a one-time payment of $200.


Clients will be billed on completion of the site design. The site is deemed complete when the client indicates acceptance in writing or via email, or if no response is received after a period of 8 weeks following written correspondance from WebArtz.

The time billed will be the lesser of the original estimate plus any additional estimates provided during the project or the time worked on the project.

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