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Web Site Design

We are happy to produce any size of site for you, whether it be a single page, point-of-presence or a large corporate site. Our design approach keeps the customer involved at all stages with your new site evolving from initial test layouts to the final look and feel by way of a series of demonstration pages. After each step, we will discuss the demonstration layouts and have you select our favorite before moving on to the next phase. Only once you are happy with the overall look and feel will we move on to the final layout and addition of the text and images that you have supplied.

In general, we attempt to have the overall look and feel of the site tied down within 2 weeks of starting the project and can generally finish a medium sized site (10 pages or so) within 3 weeks of your initial call. This timeframe will, of course, vary depending upon the complexity of your site but we will be able to give you an estimate of the completion date during initial prototyping.

Web Site Update and Maintenance

If you already have a site and need to add to, or replace information on it, we would be delighted to help out. After examining the existing site, we will be able to provide an indication of what we can do and how much it is likely to cost.

Form Processing and CGI Programming

While we already offer a set of standard CGI options for mailing list handling, hit counting, bookmark list generation and form processing, custom programming of CGI scripts in PERL is also available. If you host your site with WebArtz, we can easily set up your new script and test it on your live site, otherwise we will test it on the WebArtz server and provide it to you to install on your own site.


Add some interactivity to your pages with JavaScript. This language, supported by the latest Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers, offers the ability to, amongst other things, animate buttons (for example, highlighting the button when you move the mouse over it) and dynamically update form fields (for example, having a form check that the input is valid or automatically total a price list).

Graphics and Logo Design

If you intend to produce your own web site but are in need of some help with graphics,we can produce logos, titling and buttons for you. These can be provided in any of the usual web graphics formats and are shipped to you either via diskette, email or, in the case of large files, ZIP cartridge.

Our Promise...

Regardless of the design work you ask WebArtz to do for you, we aim to delight our customers and exceed your expectations. To date, we think we have succeeded but feel free to look at our portfolio and decide for yourself. The job is not complete until you are completely satisfied with the work we do. After our initial estimate is agreed upon, you will pay no more than this regardless of how long it takes us to perfect your site.

Contacting Us

If you are interested in talking to us about how WebArtz can help you, we can be contacted by::

Telephone and Fax: +1 512 394 1519
Email: info@webartz.com
Mail: WebArtz Design Services,
14000 Robin's Run,
Austin, TX 78737

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